Hows It, Names Austin AKA Stiss! Founder of ShinraiCollective
Let's get straight to it, we are not a drop shipping business. Nor are we some fan wear company. All of our apparel is 100% on-demand manufacturing. We only produce the finest of threads and don't mess around when it comes to the quality of our designs/garments. 

What The Hell Does Shinrai Mean?

Shinrai is the kanji form for trust, reliance, and confidence. We are radically opened minded and truthful with each other and our customers here at ShinraiCollective. Having everyone reliant on us to produce only the most badass, emotional, and designer clothing/content is what keeps me motivated. Wearing our brand with CONFIDENCE knowing that you have the ability to put your mind up to anything because being able to wear your favorite characters, symbols, scenes, or any other iconic moment when it comes to anime with you at all times

Why Anime? 

Through depression, love, and motivation; anime has taught us very valuable life principals. It creates a beautiful world with soul escaping music where we are able to transfer our minds and escape reality. Once entering this "reality" can it be interpreted (for the most part) to our own lives, where we can have realizations to grow ourselves for the better. Anime also just has the most dope artwork/music that can be translated to a vast majority of cultures today. Cmon now, it's just entertaining AF! Some of the most intense battles/scenes with lots of action. Famous quotes we hear today were even derived from it.


What Makes Us Different or Unique? 

Yes, we are a streetwear clothing brand on which a majority of our designs are influenced by the Anime industry. However, our designs are minimalistic yet eye catching. We want people to be able to represent their favorite characters/scenes with CONFIDENCE. Having the comfortability when going out with your friends and seeing a cute girl/guy knowing that you can strike up a conversation with ease because you look SEXY Af!

Where Do Our Garments Come From?

Currently we are located in Los Angeles, California. We source our clothing from multiple manufactures such as Independent Trading Co and Shaka Wear because they have a fantastic reputation of producing designer quality material. However, we are always on the hunt to find more partners because we want our clothing to be on top! I am currently the lead designer alongside our good friend Amadeus (@amadustafoya on IG) who absolutely kills it in the graphic artist world.


Who Am I and the Mission? 

As I mentioned earlier I'm Austin. Why Stiss? I was always living in the shadow of my older brother who was a professional surfer at a very early age. He went by the name Codiss, so his friends and mine would call me Austiss. Once entering college was I awarded with name Stiss. The reason why I like this name so much is because it differentiates me from any other ordinary Austin out there. I am a huge competitor, having grown up in surfing and skate town was I always forced to sharpen my skills in order to compete with my friends. Which leads into the mission of this company. I want to differentiate this from any other ordinary Skate/Anime branded company. Having people wear our clothing truly with confidence. Allowing people to feel comfortable when wearing what they love while impressing others at the same time. Helping everyone cope with their "inner demons" such as anxiety depression, overthinking, and much more. Making insanely dope video edits, writing motivating blogs, and other beneficial content is what you are going to be able to find here at Shinraii!

Much Love and Thanks For Reading All This,