We are a lifestyle clothing brand on which a majority of our designs are influenced by the Anime industry. However, our designs are minimalistic yet eye catching. We want people to be able to represent their favorite characters/scenes with CONFIDENCE. Having the comfortability when going out with your friends and seeing a cute girl/guy knowing that you can strike up a conversation with ease because you'll be lookin ūüĒ•!

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Custom Made Orders!?

What exactly does custom made orders mean? Myself plus 2 others source and hand pick all the best material used in our clothing. We then create designs on Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop pertaining to the garment. Since we are a small startup business, we'll have all ingredients for the finished product sent over to our manufactures to have it be Produced Per Order. This essentially means that we don't carry the risk of excess inventory and it's also very beneficial to the environment. However, production time will add another 2-5 days for your order to finally arrive. Once received, you'll now have a brand new freshly made garment that hasn't been sitting on the shelves for months.  

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