Be True To Yourself

There are many people who hide their true feelings. Living life in the shadow of a person who hide themselves from. Some obey whatever their superior tells them. They believe what is correct and true from the perception of another’s eyes. When in fact they aren’t truly seeing at all. Looking with their eyes, but not seeing. That’s a world (speaking for myself) I wouldn’t want to live in. Don’t be embarrassed or hide the truth. Let loose and set those feelings free.

 I remember when growing up, everyone I knew rejected anime. I thought it was super embarrassing to tell others that I watched Naruto, Pokemon, DBZ, YU-GI-OH, and other anime’s. I sheltered myself for a good amount of time. Staying indoors when I lived seconds away from the beach, and other beautiful scenery’s my town had to offer. I may have not noticed at the time, but I wasn’t being true to myself. I would lie to make friends and even tried to mentor those younger than me on “how to act cool”. I was so focused on being cool that I missed out on a lot of realizations. If I’m going to be cool, then I’m going to do it in my own way that I believe is correct and true. I’m not going to kiss someone’s ass because others bow to them anymore. Obviously give a listen to other’s opinions and learn from them. However, never think that you HAVE to obey them. All in all be true to yourself.


Anime Inspiration: “Our 7 day War” Movie