It's Gonna Be Alright

It’s Gonna Be Alright

It’s gonna be alright. We're gonna be alright. All night alright. Deep within ourselves lies insecurities. Whether it be being shy, timid, scared, doubtful, or even those times you're having butterflies and not sure why all lie within each and every one of us. The point is, it's gonna be alright. A lot of people tend to overthink things and let those negative emotions show. Just relax, take a deep breath and think to yourself. It’s gonna be alright. I tend to overthink everything way too much. It’s like the beginning of a rollercoaster. You go up and up and up and then comes the drop. I think and think and think until it feels almost unbearable to the point that I want to quit or give up on whatever it is that's got me so antsy. PAUSE. Take a second and tell yourself, “It's gonna be alright.” Everyone is scared. It’s okay too. Just know your gonna be alright. Some situations are more doubtful than others, but what's the point of panicking? You sure don’t like it, and your loved ones don’t like seeing you in that state of mind either. Just tell yourself, it’s gonna be alright. We're gonna be alright. All night alright. 

  • A lofi song that I got this inspiration from is “It’s Gonna Be Alright” by Kayou. This song really helps you enter that state of mind that everything's gonna be alright. 
  • I made an edit that you look up on my Youtube or Instagram that showcases Senku from Dr.Stone. Imagine being in his shoes. Counting every second for 3000+ years trapped in a stone body. Reviving and being optimistic about saving humanity. I'm sure he's thinking to himself, we're gonna be alright. There’s no use to panics, it will only bring harm. Take a breath and tell yourself, “were gonna be alright.”